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Movie HD Alternative Apps for Android/iOS in 2017 & Apps Like MovieHD

When something is causing trouble in its functionality or not suited for your needs, then you got to look for the alternatives to that. This statement applies to any object or person or even application. Sometimes, Movie HD throws you the messages like; no connection or Movie HD not working error. To resolve this, Movie HD alternative apps are available. These apps also have the features which made the MovieHD popular. Here is the list I’ve prepared which contains the apps like Movie HD alternatives for Android and iOS in 2017.

movie hd alternative

If you’re experiencing this problem on a particular device, then you have the luxury to test the app on various devices as well. Try the Movie HD on iPhone or an iPad. If not, bring Movie HD for PC on Windows laptop by getting Movie HD Apk download which is the latest version. The possibility of having Movie HD for Mac laptop is also there. In case any of those trials give you a positive result, then you can continue with that. Even after that, if you have the same bad luck, then read this guide completely to get an idea about the Movie HD alternatives 2017 and to select one among them wisely.

Movie HD Alternative Apps for Android & iOS

My list of Movies HD alternative apps is given in the below portion.

1) Crackle

alternatives movie hd 2017

The application is available officially on both App Store and Play Store. So, you don’t have to explore it anywhere. Go to the store directly, find the app and install it.

Here are the official links – App store for iOS and Play Store for Android mobiles.

2) Show Box

This program also supports Android and Apple tech devices. But the app is not placed on either of the stores due to some reasons. So, sideloading is the process you should use to get this app. Show Box may be the best Movie HD alternative in 2017.

3) Tubi TV

apps like movies hd

Just like Crackle, Tubi also has official pages on the two well-known stores. It was founded in 2014, but in the short period, it has gained good response from people.

4) Hulu

If you want a paid app, then this app will surely satisfy you. After Netflix, Hulu can be named as a better service when it comes to the paid version. If you don’t want to spend anything, then the above apps are suitable for you.

5) Netflix

Netflix is an excellent service for the people who don’t bother about the money. It costs money to use their application, but it will be worth it.

Apart from the above five apps, PlayBox HD, Sky HD and Megabox HD are also some of the good alternatives for Movie HD app download.

So, that’s the list of Movie HD alternative 2017/2016 apps I have right now, if I find anything better, then I’ll add it to this list. Even if you know any Apps like Movie HD alternatives, then do post it in comments. Share my post with your friends and family.



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