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Is it worth or not to have a mobile app for business: Checklist to Identify

With smartphones and tablet espousal reaching near ubiquity, it’s time you realize the necessity of having a robust mobile presence.

“Do I really need a mobile app?”

Well, this is the most popular mobile strategy question most business entrepreneurs find themselves battling with. Today, I am here to try and convince you that Yes; you do need a mobile app for business, even if the payoff takes a little while to happen.

According to eMarketer, when it comes to the percentage of the time spent in mobile apps: Americans spend as much as 86% in apps and 14% in web browsers. With major online activity shifting to mobile, merely having a web presence is no longer enough. Mobile apps have become a significant marketing tool and it’s hard to do without them.

A couple of years ago, the total traffic coming from a mobile app were somewhere around 10%, but today, it is close to 70%. It comes as no surprise that within the next few years, a move to mobile app will become apparent.

The Enormous Potential of Mobile Apps

Business enterprises who fail to comprehend the necessity of mobile apps in today’s competitive era are missing the enormous potential mobile apps have in attracting business. If you think that you do not need an app because you already have a mobile-friendly website, I would like you to answer these questions.

  • Did your website alert a customer of some special offers as they walked close to your store?
  • Did your website notify you the name of the customer who just walked in your store?
  • Did your website help you to know what your customers felt like after they saw your products for the first time?
  • Did your customers take a picture of your products with your site?
  • Did your website help you to entice potential customers by sending them to push notifications regarding special deals?

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The answer is none. Thanks to remarkable features like geolocation targeting, AR, biometrics, sensors, and cameras that are present natively in mobile apps, you can benefit from outstanding features and functionalities that cannot be found on a conventional website. It is also anticipated that sooner or later, novel functionalities that cannot be imagined will be a draw of mobile apps.

Don’t Miss the Opportunity

We cannot deny the fact that building an app from scratch is an intimidating job. The amount of financial resources, time and dedication which goes into creating a proficient app is considerably protuberant. Besides, it requires tremendous effort to market your app in the right way so that the potential customers download and use it.

However, with proper planning, all the above elements can be well taken care of. Moreover, with the budding of a plethora of businesses, this perhaps is the only way to stay competitive.

Now for those of you having budget constraints, it is wise to understand that investing in a dais that has the potential to serve the business infrastructure of the impending generation is a significant way to improve your returns. Also, if you cannot spare an app development budget today, will you be able to do it when your sales begin to drop because your customers shifted to your competitor’s app over your timeworn website?

So, instead of delaying to the last moment, it is advisable that you take on your competition with a capable app that has the potential to place you much ahead of the pack. You can get in touch with the best mobile app development companies in India which offer highly pocket-friendly app development packages, keeping in mind your precise budget.

Conclusion on is it worth to have Mobile app for business?

The mobile app market is indubitably one of the fastest developing spaces in the mobile arena. The businesses who are not taking their app strategies earnestly are soon expected to get left behind.

Furthermore, those complacent with their web presence, it is vital to remember that having a mobile-friendly website is not the same as a mobile app, and several utilitarian functionalities within your app can be much more fetching than the conformist web elements. Therefore, creating a resourceful app now will facilitate your business, allowing you to progress with your immensely mobile-centric users.

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