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How important is Facebook Analytics- Vineetgupta.net

Facebook Analytics is a must-have tool to take your game to the next level.

Whether you have a start-up, a traditional company operating for some time now, a tech firm using the latest business model, or engaged in social entrepreneurship, analytics is key to long-term success.

Take it from Kodak, a 124-year old company that learned it the hard way. For more than a century, Kodak dominated the film and camera industry in America and the rest of the globe. By 2012, this industry pioneer filed for bankruptcy.

Trapped by decade upon decade of success with its film and camera products, Kodak failed to pay attention to its customers and to the rise of the digital camera.  When millions of its customers brought their attention and money to the new technology of digital cameras, Kodak found itself almost extinct as a business.

So, why do Facebook Analytics matter to you and your business?

why facebook analytics is important

Knowing and understanding your customer is an absolute must for success.

Knowing and understanding your customer is the only way to develop products and services that would sell sustainably.  Markets and customers change, and so must your business. Of course, businesses can somehow influence market and customer behavior through marketing and advertising.  Still, the only way to launch marketing and advertising campaigns that work is by knowing the audience that is exposed to such campaigns.

Learn How Your Audience Engages You and Your Company

Demographics let you know about the sex or gender of your audience, their particular age group, as well as their place of origin, that is, in what state, region, or country they live or work.   The amazing feature of Facebook Analytics is that you can get all this demographic information easily right at your fingertips.

Using demographics and analytic tools, you can also see what posts have reached the most people. It also tells you what images you have posted that have generated what experts call a “gravitational pull”.

By having analytics on the likes, reach, and engagement, you gain a deeper understanding of how your actual and potential customers interact with your company on social media. The likes tell you what posts are most effective, that is, what appeals to your target market or niche.  The reach indicates the geographical and demographic scope of your campaign.  The engagement part tells you not only how you get customer attention but also how many customers actually saw your posts. The comments from Facebook users give you instant feedback that can be channeled back to your product or service improvement processes.

Using Audience Profile, Improve Your Content Strategy

Ultimately, Facebook Analytics is a highly valuable metrics tool that enables you to develop or enhance your content strategy.

For example, knowing how to leverage the “Talking about this” tool gives you timely information on what the customer base is thinking about, their biases and interests, and what topics you need to clutch on to gain traction for your company page.

Measure Effectiveness of Your Social Campaign

Whether the likes are organic, paid, or viral, it is important to measure the effectiveness of your company’s social media marketing. What’s great about Facebook Analytics is that it gives you the ability to set the range or inclusive dates needed for your analysis.

Measuring the effectiveness of your campaign lets you know how your company or brand is made visible online.

Indeed, Facebook Analytics is a game-changer in a constantly evolving online market. It is a business universe where only those who can innovate products and services by paying attention to customers can survive and thrive.

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