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GunBlood Cheats [All Cheats Codes]

FASTFIRE: Click and Shoot faster
POINTER: Add laser pointer to the gun
NOHIT: Invincible mode
MOREAMMO: Unlimited ammo

LEVEL1: Start at Level 1
LEVEL2: Start at Level 2
LEVEL3: Start at Level 3
LEVEL4: Start at Level 4
LEVEL5: Start at Level 5
LEVEL6: Start at Level 6
LEVEL7: Start at Level 7
LEVEL8: Start at Level 8
LEVEL9: Start at Level 9
BONUS1: Start at Bonus Level 1
BONUS2: Start at Bonus Level 2
BONUS3: Start at Bonus Level 3
BONUS4: Start at Bonus Level 4

GunBlood Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Enter one of the following codes.

Effect Code
Click and shoot faster – FASTFIRE
Add laser pointer to the gun – POINTER
Iinvincibility – NOHIT
Unlimited ammunition – MOREAMMO

Level passwords:

Level Password
1 – LEVEL1
2 – LEVEL2
3 – LEVEL3
4 – LEVEL4
5 – LEVEL5
6 – LEVEL6
7 – LEVEL7
8 – LEVEL8
9 – LEVEL9
Bonus 1 – BONUS1
Bonus 2 – BONUS2
Bonus 3 – BONUS3
Bonus 4 – BONUS4

The Gunblood Western Shootout cheats can be divided into 2 groups: Power Ups and Levels The full list of Power Up cheats is:
NOHIT – using this cheat will make you invincible which means opponents are unable to hit you
MOREAMMO – As you can see from the cheat name using it will give you unlimited amount of ammo and you can shoot as much as possible. The negative effect of this cheat is that you will have to shoot the assistant in the bonus levels.
POINTER – This cheat will add laser aim attachment to your gun. The laser will help you to aim easily and be more accurate.
FASTFIRE – Using this cheat will help you to click and shoot faster then normal.
This was the list of power ups. The level gunblood cheats will let you start from an advanced level.